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Rumour has it cycling is great for business - now see why for yourself!
Cycle to Work Day is a free event run by Cyclescheme that everyone can join in. Employees can try cycle commuting in a fun and friendly environment, whilst you discover how cyclists and the Cycle to Work scheme benefit your business.
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The day is a free platform that can be used to promote cycling in the best way for your business.

 Here are our top 3 ideas for getting colleagues excited about cycling to work. But we know one size doesn’t fit all. If you have a Cycle to Work scheme or existing health and wellness goals in your workplace; use Cycle to Work Day to promote these messages.


Tempt employees into the saddle with a delicious incentive. Treat this who cycle to work on the 15th August to breakfast. This could be a smoothie bar, a coffee and a croissant or even an indulgent breakfast roll.


Invite a local bike retailer on-site to host an event. Not only will employees be able to get up close with a range of commuters, the friendly store staff can provide handy advice about cycle commuting in your local area. 


Engage the support of a cycle commuter in your office and plan a 'ride in' on Cycle to Work Day. A ride in is a great way for employees to gain experience and confidence cycling, without having to go it alone.


Kick-start your Cycle to Work Day planning with your FREE event pack. This is filled with resources, ideas and incentives that will help you shout about the day in your workplace.
Employers who offer Cyclescheme, the UK’s most popular Cycle to Work scheme can also visit their MySchemes account for additional scheme promo resources.

Employer Testimonials

Employees value cycling and Cycle to Work Day. But don’t take our word for it – see what these employees have to say…

"I enjoy seeing the world change around me throughout the year, and the feeling of achievement that biking to work gives." Mark, Paramedic.

Mark began cycling to work to get fit, lose weight, and cut his carbon footprint in 2010. Eight years later, Mark’s weight has dropped and he no longer needs to take medication for asthma and has ceased to have breathing difficulties. As a paramedic, Mark understands that health is about more than just weight, and is keenly aware of the physical issues that can arise through inactivity, such as heart disease and diabetes. Cycling to work helps combat these health risks, while also acting as a stress reliever for Mark with movement in the body helping to clear his mind. He is also awake earlier and mentally sharper than he previously was.

He cycles all year, arguing that the weather isn't as bad as you would think, as long as you dress appropriately and make sure that your bike is equipped for the season. He enjoys seeing the world change around him throughout the year and the feeling of achievement that biking to work gives. He takes it as a challenge, and has even got to work whilst others are still sat in traffic jams.


Employer Testimonials

Employees value cycling and Cycle to Work Day. But don’t take our word for it – see what these employees have to say…

You can start off cycling into work once or twice a week, and take it from there!" Jennifer, Administrator.

Jennifer began cycling at the weekends for pleasure but soon realised that she would like to become fitter. The 3.5 mile distance from her house to her workplace seemed like the perfect opportunity to fit in a little more exercise in her day! Cycling seven miles a day has had provided a myriad of unexpected benefits for Jennifer in many different areas.

Not only did she lose weight and become fitter, Jennifer feels that cycling to work helps her feel better at work – when she arrives in the morning she feels much more awake and clear headed, and her mood is generally better. She also feels like taking on many more new challenges in her life, and appreciates the changing of the seasons, despite inclement weather. From a financial point of view, Jennifer has also benefitted from getting on her bike. 

Jennifer often talks to her colleagues about the benefits of cycling citing her own experiences of saving money, losing weight, and feeling more fit and alive! She advises those interested in beginning to cycle to plan a route to try out, and perhaps go with a friend as well. She also notes that you don’t have to commit to cycling every day of the week – you can start off cycling into work once or twice a week, and take it from there!

Employer Testimonials

Employees value cycling and Cycle to Work Day. But don’t take our word for it – see what these employees have to say…

Matt began cycling to lose weight and improve his health. With two young children and limited spare time as a family, working exercise into his every day commute was the only viable option.

Matt’s commute – a 16-mile round-trip - was daunting to a non-cyclist, and consequently he began by cycling twice a week in one direction, gradually building up until he could cycle to and from work every day.

Cycling to work has given Matt access back to the high-street following a 7 stone drop in weight. In addition, it has led him to pursue new goals; in the summer 2014, Matt cycled to Barcelona alongside a team of 25 others. Reaching the Catalonian capital in 9 days by tacking 100 miles a day was an achievement which he described as ‘unimaginable’ when he first started.

Matt continues to cycle his daily commute in Berkshire, suggesting that throughout the seasons cycling is an activity that can improve health and wellbeing. He advocates days off when enthusiasm for cycling is low and suggests that cyclists look for routes to work that your car would never take you.