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Claim £30 FREE! - FAQ

To celebrate Cycle to Work Day, we’re giving Cycleschemers an exclusive deal on a new bike. Get any Cannondale or Specialized bike priced £500+ via Cyclescheme and claim a FREE £30 Pure card to spend with your chosen bike retailer.
Cycleschemers can take advantage of this exclusive offer in 3 simple steps:

  1. Pick a bike and apply:
Shop Cannondale or Specialized bikes priced £500+ online or in-store at a Cyclescheme retailer. Request a Certificate for a qualifying bike and any accessories required.
  1. Get the gear:
The employer reviews, approves and pays for the request. Cyclescheme will then send the participant their Certificate; to be redeemed online or in-store for the bike.
  1. Claim the card:

Qualifying participants need to visit to claim their FREE £30 Pure card. Enter your details and Certificate reference number and a prepaid Pure card to the value of £30 will be sent direct to your door.
Find out more about the offer with our handy FAQs.

When is the offer valid?
The offer runs from the 1st July – 31st August 2018. To take part in the offer Cycleschemers need to request a Certificate and redeemed this for a qualifying bike within this time.
Where can you shop?
Any retailer, in-store or online, in the Cyclescheme retailer network that sells Cannondale or Specialized bikes.
Are sale bikes included in the offer?
Yes - you can get any Cannondale or Specialized bike currently priced £500 or more. This includes bikes that have been discounted providing the sale price is £500+.
Are accessories, parts or components included in the offer?
No - to qualify for the offer you must get a Cannondale or Specialized bike priced £500 or more. Items such as accessories, parts and components can be obtained via Cyclescheme with the standard 25 – 39% saving.
Do you still save 25 – 39% on the cost of the bike?
Yes – the free £30 Pure card is in addition to the standard Cyclescheme saving. Individual savings are dependent upon employer and personal tax code. Most Cycleschemers save between 25 – 39% on the cost of the bike.
What is a Pure card?
A Pure card is a prepaid debit card. This can be used online or as a standard ‘chip and pin’ debit card in your chosen Cyclescheme bike retailer.
How does a participant get their Pure card?
Once they have collected their new bike, qualifying participants will need to visit The participant will need to enter their email address and Certificate reference number to claim their card. A prepaid Pure card to the value of £30 will be sent to them in the post.
When can a participant claim their Pure card?
The participant can claim their Pure card once they have collected their bike. Participants are not eligible for the card if they cancel their order or return the bike. Please note – the bike is only considered collected when the retailer has marked it as such via Cyclescheme login.
Can the retailer provide the Pure card?
No – this is provided by Cyclescheme only.
Where can Pure card be used?
The £30 Pure card can be used online or in-store at the Cyclescheme retailer where the bike was chosen. You can use the £30 in a single transaction or split it across multiple. Once the card is spent – it can be disposed of.
How long does a participant have to claim their Pure card?
12 weeks from receiving the email from Cyclescheme inviting them to claim their Pure card.
How long is the Pure card valid for?
The Pure card is valid for 6 months after the participant receives it. After this time, any remaining balance will be made void.

Not been able to find the right bike for you? Be sure to visit the Cyclescheme Offers page.