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Find your feet on the road with Rapha

Road cycling is the upcoming sport of the decade with British riders excelling on the international stage. As a beginner, integrating into the scenes of British cycling can appear daunting but this is a hurdle rather than a barrier. Rapha strives to inspire and promote our sport as part of our defining aim; to make cycling the most popular sport in the world. Our mission has become global with thousands of global sign-ups to our Rapha Cycling Club and countless more attending our free rides.

Cycling is a sport with a lot to offer. Unlike many sports, cycling can offer solace, new friendships, and easy, fast transportation all whilst reducing your carbon footprint. Riding with friends or as part of a club is by far the best way of finding your feet. Clubs hold the insider knowledge and are eager to share it (though you’ll make your own opinion quickly!) whilst also helping new riders push themselves and improve.

Rapha offers new cyclists free opportunities nationwide to experience the basics of riding in groups and maintaining your machine. Our clubhouses offer a range of beginners specific rides on a weekly. These are run by our Rapha ride leaders, there to ensure rider safety and enjoyment. All of our rides leave no-one behind yet we also will try to push riders if we feel they are capable and willing. We offer these free opportunities to inspire new riders and to make every cyclist comfortable and welcome within our community.

Rapha is a British company founded in London in 2004. We produce cycling apparel and accessories with style inspired by classic cycling icons and imagery. We produce a wide range of products including our Core collection which is ideal for beginners.

Ride with us by checking your local Clubhouse’s Facebook page or referring to our online events calendar.

Rapha London Spitalfields will be hosting a workshop on the 24th of July with a panel of experts sharing their extensive knowledge with you. At the event, we will be selling copies of our brand new book ‘Getting Started in Road Cycling’ by Guy Andrews and illustrated by Laura Quick with a 50% discount. Sign up for the event. You can also buy the book here.