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Your Cycle to Work Day 2018 News Feed

Shout out to Jen (+ Bump!). Thanks for getting in the saddle today and we can't wait to see you cycling again soon
Thanks for the reminder Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service! Keep your bike in the roadworthy condition with these brilliant tips
The Yarlington team are getting everyone geared up for their return journey with some wheelie good cycling jokes... 
Great to see Michael Matheson MSP leading by example and getting involved in Cycle to Work Day on an e-bike
Check out the footage from IOSH colleagues on their #CycletoWorkDay commute today 15:55
Hats off to the NHS Cambridgeshire and Peterborough CCG team - a huge thank you for taking part in #CycletoWorkDay
Well done to Ian who has clocked up a brilliant 24 miles today #win

#Enoughsaid BBC Get Inspired
The Mayor of Trafford is showing everyone how it's done!

Not being able to cycle all the way to work doesn't mean you can't cycle at all. Be like Andrew and bike part way

Not all cyclists wear lycra! Shout out to those who cycle in everyday clothing - like the team from Leigh Day Law

Another brilliant example of an employer going above and beyond for cycle commuting colleagues - well done Essex County Council!

Unsure about the benefits of cycling to work - read this. Thanks for sharing your commuting experience Zoe!

This is what we love to see - packed out bike storage! Thanks for sharing Edinburgh Medical School (and thanks for having fantastic facilities in place)
A family that cycles together...great work from Fiona in getting the whole family involved in Cycle to Work Day

Almost everyone can cycle to work - great work from Park Ride exploring accessible cycling options on #CycletoWorkDay

Shout out to Tom for sharing this - cycling is definitely a way to break a negative cycle

Selfies are #wheelie serious business Paul - glad you enjoyed your time in the saddle today

Another incredible example of how bikes at work - thanks RNLI!

Fantastic to see yet another employer supporting colleagues who cycle commute – great work Slimming World!

We should all be like Mandy!

We couldn’t have said it better Buckingham GC…

Great work by the Modern Art Oxford team – thanks for getting involved in #CycletoWorkDay

Shout out to Nick! And his interesting cycle commuting companions…

We won’t hold it against you Rose! It’s amazing to hear the positive and significant impact that cycling has #thisiswhywecycle

Happy Birthday! We’re glad your special day is filled with something you love #cycling

Shout out to David! Well done for cycling to work for the second time - you're an inspiration. We vote that your colleagues keep you fed for the rest of the day.

Great to see Oli the elephant at Alder Hay Children's Charity taking to two wheels and celebrating #CycletoWorkDay

Well done to the 40 (yes, 40!) Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios colleagues who got in the saddle for Cycle to Work Day

Shout out to Rod and the Golden Housing Team! Rod has cycled an impressive 60 miles today - what a legend. 

It is indeed National Cycle to Work Day and National Relaxation Day - but it doesn't need to be an either or choice Nikki! An active commute like cycling is proven to support mental wellbeing (which includes the ability to switch off and relax!). It's a win-win. 

This is what we call cycling spirit! Denyse won't let practicailities stand in their way when it comes to getting involved in #CycletoWorkDay

Health benefits and cycling really do go hand in hand. Thanks for spreading the word NHS!

Tune into BBC Radio Scotland for more cycling conversation at 12:30

Shout out to cycling superstar Rich who has been helping the people of Leeds get in the saddle and join in Cycle to Work Day. 
#CycletoWorkDay has reached Cape Town, South Africa

A huge thanks to the Cycle Safety Team for making our cities and streets safer for all road users.

Cycling and a dog - we're sold #happyCycletoWorkDay

Great to see staff and students at the University of Cambridge getting involved in #CycletoWorkDay - well done all!

Take a bow Toby and colleagues at West Midlands Rail! It doesn't matter if you cycle all the way to work or part way - it's getting on your bike that counts!
Another successful Cyclescheme application - we look forward to celebrating Cycle to Work Day with you next year Rebecca!

And the award for best cycling style goes to...Dermot! We love the cycling-themed socks and tie combo:

Our friends at are getting into the #CycletoWorkDay spirit. Thanks for the support!

Stuart is showing everyone how it's done! Congrats on your longest ever solo cycle ride - you legend!

Michael - embrace that smug feeling; you're a cycle commuting superstar!

Calling all coffee, cake and cycling lovers in Birmingham! Head to the Impact Hub Coffee Shop for a bike-themed pick me up between 11 - 12 today. And here's a heartwarming message from Caroline that proves that cyclists = superheroes. 

Happy Cycle to Work Day to the team at Willmott Dixon! It's great to see a workplace getting behind an active commute. 

Cycling is a great way to help keep your heart happy - don't believe us? Ask the British Heart Foundation.

Thanks for the feature Metro! Find out all about #CycletoWorkDay and why you should consider getting in the saddle of an e-bike. What's more #CycletoWorkDay is now the #1 trending Twitter topic in the UK. Join in the conversation and let's go for global!

We've been featured in Time Out London - read all about Cycle to Work Day (and how you can bag a FREE Satander cycle today). Also a big shout out to Birminingham Biking Pictures for an inspirational cycling story.

So today is #cycletoworkday and here’s my cycle to work story... .. I started to cycle to work about 10 years ago (I know, long journey to work eh!) as I was pushing on for 17 stone!! I had a young family and didn’t have time to go to the gym so decided to start riding into Birmingham.  At first I rode a couple of times a week and on some days caught the train into town then rode home.  Before long I was riding in the morning and in the evening 3 times a week. The weight dropped off as soon as I started riding regularly and I had more energy and felt better than ever.  I now ride every day and try to do at least 15miles (about an hour) but on some days might push it to 30-40 miles, depending on how I am feeling (and the weather). I ride every day come rain, snow, lightening, sleet, sun, you name it, I have ridden in it!  The benefits of riding to work are obvious in terms of health gains, but I can now get home far more quickly than I ever could in a car so it's improved my work / life balance too.  In fact, getting changed into riding gear, cycling home, having a shower and making a cuppa takes less time that driving to my house from Birmingham!  Also, I never seem to get colds anymore and very rarely feel ill.  I am fitter now at my old age than I have ever been in my life! .. So why enter the competition.  Well, who doesn’t want to win!  But in truth, I am close to wearing out my 3rd bike!  I worked out this morning I average at least 3,600 miles a year and that takes its toll on any bike.  So fingers crossed they like my #cringe selfies and I can get through this winter on a new set of wheels! .. .. @cycle2workday #cycletoworkday .. .. #Cyclescheme #cycletowork #commutescount #addictedtocycling #selfiewanker #selfie #bikeselfie #cyclinglife #gettingfitter #goodforyou #ridetowork #cycling #cyclepics #canal #getfit #cycling #cycletowork #cyclescheme #instabicycle #birmingham #birminghamuk #brummie #bham_uk #iluvbrum #thisisbrum #beauteousbrum #phonephotography

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The lovely team at CamGlen Bike Town giving away coffee and crossiants for cycle commuters in Rutherglen or Shawfield - stop by if you're in the area! #CycletoWorkDay goes international!

A big hello to Tiina who is cycling to work in Finland!   

As always, our friends in the cycling industry are coming out to support #CycletoWorkDay 2018. Shout out to Wiggle, Merlin Cycles and Bicycle Life!

Good morning to Bryan and the Pure Sports Medicine Team who are taking to the roads this morning. 

Big shout out to Rebecca who is a first time cycle commuter! Congrats Rebecca - you're a true cycling superstar!   

The first wave of cycle commuters are in the saddle and heading off to work. We have Lindsey who will be cycling 26 miles from Glasgow to Prestwick. We also have Marcus embarking on a 45 mile commute into London. Happy cycling guys!